Tea Sets

A deep blue with an iridescent hue,
this signature Gyokusendo coloured
tea set is perfect for calming the
heart and warming the body.

Teapot B10-0701(400ml)
Iridescent blue vase-shaped
teapot with side handle.
Approx. 105mm tall

Tea Caddy B40-0101(100g)
Iridescent blue container
for tea leaves.
Approx. 103mm tall
Tea Scoop B50-0101
Iridescent blue

Saucer B60-0201(120mm)
Iridescent blue saucer.
Approx. 120mm across

Stand C30-0101
Iridescent blue teapot stand
with wooden base.
Approx. 22×123mm


The teapot adapts instantly
to the temperature of
the warmed water ensuring
a perfectly steeped cup.

Seamless Teapot B10-0101(600ml)
Iridescent blue body and spout shaped
entirely from one sheet of copper with
golden assymetrical hammer accents
and moveable, simple woven handle.
Approx. 165mm tall

Teapot B10-0908(600ml)
Round body teapot with copper tone
and metalic silver wave design.
Approx. 180mm tall

Teapot B10-0503(500ml)
Flat, wide body with
hammer mark belt design.
Approx. 155mm tall